Top 10 Best In Ear Headphones 2013

Are you currently looking for a great in ear headphone for your activity?? If so, then you have come to the right place. In this lens, you can find the top 10 best in ear headphones 2013 on the market today and sold for less than $100.

These in ear headphones have great quality, they are designed to provide comfort to your ears and delivers great sound quality. The majority of customers who have tried these headphones said that they are very pleased with these products and trust me, you are going to love with these headphones.

Note : Each headphone is directly linked to Amazon so if you want to purchase it, you can check more reviews, details and features of each product and so forth!!

Highlighted below are the top 10 best in ear headphones 2013. We will keep this list up to date so don’t forget to bookmark MONSTER Beats this page.

These are amazing in ear headphones. I am an audiophile and have used several over the ear cans, while these ear buds are no comparision to the cans, they are excellent ins sound quality for the price and work well for outdoor activity without the hassle of dropping off from the head.

The enclosed slicone ear bud sizes are plenty enough for a lot of ear sizes. I have a mid size ear canal but the smallest size silicone inserts felt the most comfortable. These are best for listening on workouts and outdoor activities, the noise isolation is pretty good.

I don’t recommend them for high quality listening in the comfort of your home.

I decided to try these In-Ear Headphones after having issues with many other brands and models of erabuds. I like to run on the treadmill for an hour or so. These will stay in place, I was a little concerned when I bought them because I’ve tried so many without success, but they come with different sizes wich allowed me to use different one for each ear to fit and hold perfectly.

There was a minor issue, the pieces that hold to your ear snap into the earbuds and they snapped out easily, not when working out but when I put them on my pocket or gym bag, and they get lost easily. I solve that problem with one drop of super glue. It’s been 2 months of everyday use and I’m happy to say that they were worth every penny.

I usually bought the cheap earphones but they always Monster Beats break and fall out easily, so I decided to invest a little and buy these. I couldn’t be happier with them! I have had them for about a month and so far they work well.

Sometimes you have to adjust them a bit until they sit right in your ear, but once you get them in then they wont fall out. I wore them running for about 40 minutes and they didn’t fall out once. They also have a clip on the cord to clip them onto your clothes. The wire is tangle free, but a bit long.

As far as sound quality goes, they are fine for me! But i’m not too picky about how much bass there is or anything like that, as long as I can hear the music. There was no static or anything.

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